Weekly Giving Envelopes



These are the most familiar method of planned giving, simple both to understand and use.

Planned giving is just what it says on the tin: we plan in advance how much we will give each week. The weekly envelope which people put on the offering plate is one of the ways we can plan our giving. So how does it work?


Giving by weekly envelopes 

Each year we give you a box of church giving envelopes, one envelope for each week of the year.  You decide what to give, pop it into the envelope each week and put it on the plate. It is that simple but it makes a real difference.

The advantage of using envelopes is to provide St Cuthbert's with a regular guaranteed income and also to enable us to claim the tax paid on the donations by those who are UK tax payers and have signed a “Gift Aid Declaration”.    

·                 our envelopes help us to think about and then to give what is right for us; no more

                   giving from what is in our pockets or purses at the time

·                 our envelopes help us to be regular givers;  no  more forgetting in the Sunday rush

                   or at  the midweek service or not giving at all when we don’t get to church.

Details and further information can be obtained from the Giving Secretary, Sue Greer, on 01704 212640 or email: susangreer67@gmail.com